Remuneration Policy

Information Destruction Policy
The foundation of a secure document disposal program is a company-wide policy. Without a formal destruction policy, your organization’s information is at risk and is vulnerable to corporate espionage and identity theft. This can lead to loss of proprietary information resulting in lost revenue, loss of market share and employee layoffs. Furthermore, according to the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Document


Al Bidda WearHouse is a responsible organisation that is committed to:

  • sustainable business practices
  • minimising its impact on its environment
  • the development of its communities

Al Bidda WearHouse, its subsidiaries and staff will at all times:

  • pursue ethical business practices

Al Bidda WearHouse will use its ‘know how’, technology and resources to:

  • encourage customers to use environmentally friendly services
  • develop and offer products and services that reduce paper wastage
  • offer paper recycling services
  • assist charitable institutions in building capacity to support their communities


The group’s remuneration policy is to pay cost to company packages which are benchmarked against comparable positions in the market place. Short-term incentives may be earned on out performance of certain financial and qualitative criteria.

The financial criteria are calculated relative to revenue, EBIT and working capital management, whilst the qualitative criterion incorporates achievement of transformation targets and strategic objectives. Long-term incentives are structured for the executive directors and senior management and comprise a deferred bonus plan as well as a share appreciation rights scheme. The committee’s main objective is to provide the board with assurance that directors and senior executives are fairly rewarded for their individual contributions to the Group’s performance.

Existing and proposed share incentives are reviewed by the committee. A formal and transparent procedure for determining executive and director remuneration has been created.

Al Bidda WearHouse aims to have a remuneration policy that enables it to recruit, retain and motivate executive talent in its primary business units, and in its head office. Non-executive directors receive fees for their roles as directors, their roles on board sub-committees and for functions performed by them in their capacities as directors but outside board and committee forums.