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Al Bidda WareHousing Information Security offers a full range of document imaging and scanning services for your organization. Our team of professionals work with you to determine the best approach to digitizing your documents.

Depending on your goals we can customize the following solutions:

Back-File Scanning

Back-file scanning is the process of converting bulk documents into digital formats. This is often the program of choice when an organization has accumulated high volumes of records and needs easy search and access to these documents on a regular basis. Converting all or a selected volume of records also allows access from various locations which can be beneficial for franchises, national and international companies with multiple locations.

Back-file scanning results in the following benefits:

  • Fast, secure, anytime, anywhere, one system, one location web access
  • Reduced time in locating and retrieving records and no need to re-file
  • Improved productivity through reduced staff requirements
  • Eliminates courier and shipping costs
  • Reduced physical storage costs

Retention periods are always evaluated to avoid unnecessary imaging costs and to maintain an efficient and compliant records storage. All documents go through a preparation process before scanning and a quality control check to ensure readability and clarity.

Once the conversion of documents to digital format is complete, the images are output for use on our secure and access controlled Online Image Hosting website, through an FTP site or mastered to CD-ROMs, DVDs or external hard drives for easy storage, access and distribution. Physical documents can be stored in our off-site secure storage facility and once the retention period is up we can securely shred your documents or wait for a formal request for destruction.

Day-Forward Scanning

Day-forward scanning is the process of digitizing your newly created documents on a regular basis. The goal with this program usually is to streamline your document flow and to reduce future transportation, storage and labour costs associated with physical record storage management. Employees essentially work in a digital record environment; have fast access to information and a consistent document management system making your organization nimble, productive and efficient.

Day Forward scanning can be performed on-site, by employees, which can then be integrated into your business processes. This allows it to become a part of normal operations, rather than a special project, which is another cost-saving benefit. Implementing is convenient and easy. Al Bidda WareHousing is able to deliver custom-fit integration for Day Forward scanning solutions that include hardware, software, and business process refinement that provides seamless integration with your existing processes at a low cost.

Off-site Day Forward scanning is also available. Our team of professionals can pick up your documents, scan them at our facility and provide images to you on our Online Hosted Image website, saved on your choice of media or uploaded to your internal image archive system.

Custom Scanning Solutions – Ad Hoc Scanning

When you store your documents with Al Bidda WareHousing, we make it extremely easy to access your information quickly when you need it. With Custom Scanning Solutions, you can request to have any currently stored file converted to a digital file on an ad hoc basis. This can be done with long term storage files or a set of active files stored with us separately. Requests for digitizing documents can be done online through Our Advanced portal system and the digital file can be made available on our Online Image Hosting website. Alternatively, we can also email, fax or upload the scanned file to an FTP site.

Backfile scanning services

Day forwards scanning services

Custom scanning solutions

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