Vital Records Protection

critical records protection

Our Vital Records Protection program protects the information most critical to your company’s sustainability and operability. Such records include wills, contracts, patents, backup tapes, or archival photographs that form your business history and must be preserved.

All of the specialized storage vaults are completely secure and climate-controlled so your vital records are protected from temperature changes, moisture, dust, mold and other contaminants.

Our vital records facilities deliver:

  • Protection from natural disasters
  • Environmentally controlled systems unique to your documents’ needs
  • Safety and security against theft and espionage with 24/7 alarms and monitoring

Secure, climate-controlled storage vaults

24/7 alarms and monitoring

Storage conditions based on material type

Shared storage options available


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The Industry is becoming more digitised and Al BiddaWH is evolving accordingly to retain our place as one of the top 3 nation wide service providers for records and information management. We are well-positioned to bridge the gap between legacy storage and new data platforms by digitising long-proven solutions for a wider and agile marketplace.
At Al BiddaWH, we provide end-to-end solutions in record management, helping our clients organize, back up, manage and protect large volumes of active and inactive documents, images and data in both physical and electronic formats.
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