Going Digital
Our Approach to Document Imaging & Scanning

Deciding to go digital
where to start?

Scanning documents can be a very time consuming project for an organization, however when outsourced, you take advantage of the expertise, resources and technology which reduces your cost and more importantly your time and productivity.

Al Bidda Warehousing will help you identify what is the best strategy when converting your physical documents into digital files since each organization has different record access requirements, retention period dates and policies when it comes to document and information management. At times, there is a need to go 100% digital, for example, when a company wants to make information accessible at all times to numerous offices across the country or when information is scattered across multiple locations and needs a central location to access it on a regular basis.

On the flip side, many organizations only implement a day forward scanning program or scan individual files on an ad hoc basis. Whatever the goal, Al Bidda WareHousing makes the planning, preparation and conversion process efficient and convenient. Always, when deciding to go digital, the retention period for each document should be evaluated to stay compliant and avoid unnecessary imaging costs.


Al Bidda WareHousing offers the following scanning programs:

Backfile document imaging – for bulk conversion of existing documents into digital format
Day forward imaging – regular imaging of newly created documents
Custom scanning services – on demand scan requests and ad hoc batch scanning

The Preparation

Once the scanning strategy and plan has been determined, Al Bidda WareHousing will pick up the documents that need to be converted with one of our secure transportation vehicles and will transport them back to our scanning facility. All documents then undergo a preparation process – this is where majority of the time is allocated to in an imaging project. Files and documents are organized, staples and fasteners are removed, corners are straightened, damaged pages are taped, etc. We can handle all paper sizes, from sticky notes to oversized drawings, all planned for in the appropriate sequence.

Scanning & Quality Control

After all documents go through the preparation process, they are then ready to be fed through our state-of-the-art, high-speed scanners. Most documents can be fed through scanner feeders, however, when necessary, Al Bidda WareHousing also uses flatbeds to scan special size and special handling documents. All of our scanners can produce black and white or colour images and are equipped with auto-improvement features to ensure the best quality scan. Our document specialists monitor the scanning process and perform a quality check for readability and clarity. Al Bidda WareHousing offers a satisfaction guarantee for all scanning projects.


Al Bidda WareHousing offers a secure, user controlled, online image hosting system for central access to all digital files, or prepares the files in multiple digital formats (ie. PDF, TIFF) and stores it on secure media such as DVDs or portable storage units. Custom output options are available to meet unique needs of each business.

Once the scanning project is complete, Al Bidda WareHousing can return the scanned documents back to you or securely store them in our long-term secure storage facility and destroy them once the retention period is up or when authorization is given to do so.

Preparation of documents services

Digital conversion process

Quality satisfaction guarantee

Post-imaging services


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