Public Sector

Public Sector

As the leader in fully integrated Records and Information Management,
we have been successfully managing and protecting essential information and records at the heart of Public Sector and Private organisations over years.
This experience has allowed us to effectively deploy solutions that guide and inform budgeting,management and decision making through all Government Departments.


Our digital offers will keep vital government functions and responsibilities moving forward while saving staff time and eliminating costs, allowing government to meet today’s challenges by digitising paper documents and automating processes surrounding them.

Since we store documents digitally, government agencies can further their transparency efforts by publishing contracts & tenders and providing access to contracts & tenders for collaboration and citizen input. Case Management can further citizen interaction and citizen services can be driven entirely via smart services.


With increasing volumes of Records and Information we understand the need to migrate from manual systems to modern
and more effective ways of performing critical departmental tasks. Ensuring you have fast access to what you need,
when you need it, and in the format you need it, thereby reducing your risk and improving efficiencies.

We know how to guarantee this
Enhancing business processes and work methods driven through a modernised Electronic

Document Management

System Seamless integrated into the department infrastructure
Comprehensive system managing all Government
Records and Information from creation to disposal, from physical documents through to digital conversion of information

Providing document controls ensuring full accountability
Document tracking providing real time access to information when you need it

Our portfolio of multiple faceted solutions from a single vendor solution addressing all your information security and compliance needs


Customer service is not a department,
it’s an attitude.

The Industry is becoming more digitised and Al BiddaWH is evolving accordingly to retain our place as one of the top 3 nation wide service providers for records and information management. We are well-positioned to bridge the gap between legacy storage and new data platforms by digitising long-proven solutions for a wider and agile marketplace.