Financial Services Sector

Financial Services Sector

Business as usual is no longer an option

In such a highly regulated, ultra-competitive and rapidly changing industry, it is imperative that you partner with someone who can meet the changing requirements of banks.

The banking industry is continuously evolving due to challenges stemming from regulation, legacy systems, disruptive models and technology, increased competition and a drive for improving the customer experience. As a result, the way your bank identifies, accesses, monitors and protects different types of information has to evolve as well. It is essential that you adapt your bank records retention and internal audit requests, while also ensuring the security of your customer’s information.


Content / Contract Origination, Workflow, Collaboration and Digital Signatures are disrupting all banking and insurances processes. This enables customer engagement and self-service. This ever-changing landscape requires an agile and discrete content services approach that will digitally transform this industry into the future.


Many organisations from the Financial Services industry have already benefited greatly from our Records and Information Management Solutions, some of which include:

  • Onsite and Offsite Image Processing
  • Onsite Active File Management
  • Software (Including hosting of scanned images)
  • Offsite Storage
  • Storage of inactive and semi-active records

Which are essential for common record types and Departments such as:

  • FICA Documents
  • Loan Applications
  • Employee Files (Human Resources)
  • Training (Human Resources Development)
  • Transactional Documents
  • Financial Documents

Customer service is not a department,
it’s an attitude.

The Industry is becoming more digitised and Al BiddaWH is evolving accordingly to retain our place as one of the top 3 nation wide service providers for records and information management. We are well-positioned to bridge the gap between legacy storage and new data platforms by digitising long-proven solutions for a wider and agile marketplace.