Records Storage and Management

Records Storage and Management

SMMEs depend heavily on their records and business information in order to secure long-term success. Even in small companies, though, significant volumes of information can build up and this requires specialised management.



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Al Bidda’s range of records storage and management services enables SMMEs to service their customers and constituencies better – at lower cost, with improved efficiency and with reduced risk.

Al Bidda’s range of record and storage management services for SMMEs include:

Archive Services

  • Box Storage and Management: Secure storage and management of physical records.
  • Sensitive Storage: Storage of sensitive documentation in Metrofile’s data vaults, which provide additional levels of security and access control.


  • A comprehensive range of products designed for the physical filing, indexing, storing and management needs of most businesses.

Hosted Services

  •  AlBiddaNet: A portal that offers clients access to information about the records under the company’s protection at any time, and to request ‘same day’ or ‘next day’ delivery of specific records to their offices.
  •  AlBiddaHost: An online records management solution that caters for both internal and outsourced records management environments. AlBiddaHost is the only system in Africa that caters for the specific needs of both physical and electronic records in one system that is accessible via the internet. This means there are no capex outlays, no administration or DR server costs for the client.

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