Records Management Software

Records Management Software

What would happen if key personnel tasked with record management were suddenly not available? Would other members of staff be able to access and find critical business information? Research indicates that only a systems-based approach to records management is reliable and dependable.

Al Bidda’s range of records management software for corporations and large enterprises includes:

  • AlBiddaFiler Suite: An enterprise-strength software solution that allows corporations and large organisations to manage vast volumes of their physical and electronic records, documents and images across their organisation, with secure access to authorised users.
  • DataSTOR: An easy-to-implement software solution that cost-effectively allows corporations and large enterprises to manage electronic records through the process of capture, storage, retrieval and distribution.


Companies of all sizes often enjoy a false sense of security by depending on individuals to store and manage their records. This creates a number of challenges, including:

  1. Lack of access: Retrieving documents depends on the knowledge and presence of a few key people.
  2. Inconsistency: Records are indexed, located and stored in an inconsistent manner that relies on a manual approach.
  3. Irregular backups: When there is no systems-based approach to records management, it is very difficult to back up the indexing and storage location of all information.

Information management system

A well-designed information management system is not only more reliable, but also more cost-efficient than a manual system, as it can handle the same tasks that it would take many people to handle manually. Al Bidda’s software reduces the risk of manual systems as it is:

  1. Consistent: After setting up the indexes and record categories, companies always have consistent results that can be used to index, locate and store electronic and manual records.
  2. Protected: A proper information management system allows companies to back up all of the information required to find individual documents and records. This process does not depend on manual intervention, and even in the event of a theft or failure, all necessary information can be recovered.
  3. Reliable: Never misplace another record. Once recorded in the system records are always accessible for search and retrieval.

Record Management Software from Metrofile helps corporations and large enterprises to manage their own physical and electronic records.

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