Records Management Consultancy

Records Management Consultancy

Reliable and effective records management begins with the development of a formal records management policy. Research indicates that most businesses do not have a policy of this nature, and have also not set up correct indexing, classification and retention rules.

consultancy services that are designed to assist corporations and large enterprises in these areas include:

Consultancy Services

Assistance with the setting up of a records management policy, a records classification system and appropriate retention guides.

Training Services

The training of client personnel in both software usage and the implementation of records management policy.

Software Integration

A service to integrate records management methodologies into line-of-business services.

proper records management include:

  1. A records management policy: A set of defined rules encompassing all aspects of record management and storage.
  2. A records classification system: A system to ensure that record types and file taxonomies are built correctly.
  3. Retention guides: Guides designed to ensure that records are kept for precisely the correct length of time in accordance with legislation and registration requirements.
  4. Training: A programme to help all employees become familiar with the implementation of the records management policy.
  5. Integration procedures: Procedures to ensure that records management is integrated into all applicable line-of-business systems.

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