Backup Storage and Management


Up to 95% of businesses that experience significant data loss will fail, nearly half of them within six months of the event. As the volume of business data worldwide is estimated to be doubling annually, the risk of information loss is of particular concern in commercial industries and sectors. In South Africa alone, approximately 14 000 hard drives crash every year, with interrupted power supply increasing the risk of this happening.

backup storage and management services for corporations and large enterprises include:

Vault Services

  • DataSure: A scheduled drop-off and collection service utilising courier bags for the secure collection and storage of backup tapes.
  • Containers: A secure and scheduled delivery and collection service offering greater protection of backup tapes during delivery and collection.
  • Open Rack: A secure and scheduled service for large tape libraries that require regular changes to backup tape retrieval sets.

Managed Services

  • Metrofile Managed Backup: An enterprise-level online service providing fully outsourced and managed backup for corporate clients.
  • Unified e-Mail Management: A service specifically designed to manage the backup of company e-mails.

Hosted Services

  • MetroVault: An online portal that provides clients with user-defined details of their accounts. This facility allows for the administration of user access as well as the management of back-up containers and media stored in Metrofile’s vaults. It also allows clients to process unscheduled delivery requests, as well as to view the details of all of their inventory at Metrofile.


Many companies – even large ones – underestimate the risk of data being lost or compromised, and have not tested the robustness of their internal data management strategies and systems. Weaknesses only become apparent after significant information loss, which usually comes about as a result of three factors:

  1. Distance: There is not sufficient distance between the source data and the backed-up data, and both are often lost, stolen or destroyed at the same time.
  2. Discipline: Lack of regular back-up protocols means that data available for restoration is often much older than the data that has been lost.
  3. Degradation: When master backups are not stored in environmentally controlled environments, this can result in serious degradation of the data and often reduces the life expectancy threefold.

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Al Bidda’s Backup Storage and Management Services are:

  1. Secure: Purpose-built vaults provide limited access to specialised staff only, are fire-proof, environmentally controlled and constantly monitored by CCTV cameras.
  2. Separate: Data backups stored in Metrofile’s vaults ensure that they are in a location that is distinct from the source data.
  3. Scheduled: Metrofile offers a daily, weekly, monthly or ad hoc service, collecting data from clients’ premises to ensure that they will not lose more than the minimum amount of data should a catastrophic event occur. The company also provides a reminder service to ensure that the scheduled backup is done.

Backup Storage and Management from Metrofile helps to reduce the risks associated with a breakdown in business continuity resulting from data loss.

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