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AL Bidda WH, provide end to end solution in record management, helping its clients to organize, back up, manage and protect large volumes of active and inactive documents, images and data in both physical and electronic format. Al Bidda has been true to this spirit of innovation throughout its history, celebrating many ‘firsts’ along the way. The company has been, for instance: * The first to introduce off-site records storage;

  •  The first to introduce sophisticated random-based storage software systems;
  • The first to pioneer outsourced scanning bureaus;
  • The first to offer image and data hosting services.


AL Bidda WH offers a range of solutions specifically designed and developed to meet different businesses needs to enable manage their greatest risk, the loss of information, all of which are implemented by specially trained staff in or from secure off-site locations with purpose-built facilities for document storage solution which includes various space-saving filing solutions and records management software necessary for effectively tracking files, onsite or offsite.

These services includes:

  • Records and Storage Management
  •  Image Processing
  •  Backup Storage and Management
  •  Records Management Software
  • Records Management Consultancy.


AL Bidda WH is a joined company with metrofile holding ltd which are the leader in fully integrated records and information management in South Africa and selected African countries. AL Bidda WH is the locally specialized choice in record management for businesses and organizations in every industry and sector.



Al Bidda’s leadership is committed to maintaining and constantly improving the company’s legacy. As such, the Board adheres to the corporate governance guidelines set out in the King Report III, and is similarly guided by the company’s business and social development goals. Metrofile’s leadership is also deeply committed to innovation, and to assisting its clients to obtain, maintain and improve their competitive advantage by providing unique, customised record and information management solutions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Metrofile CSI programme focuses on developing communities in several important ways, especially through education. It functions by supporting charities, NGOs and NPOs within the communities in which the company operates and from which it draws its labour force. These organisations are provided with free services, as well as with assistance in building capacity and overcoming major obstacles.

In the area of information management, Al Bidda:


  • Assists hospitals, community centres and non-profit organisations to establish or improve their record management processes
  • Assists with the sorting and indexing of existing records
  • Donates the company’s proprietary records management software to these organisations, and provides on-going information management services and assistance for free
  • and Provides free system and information management training.


From a funding perspective, the company focuses on supporting sustainable, community based initiatives, which include:


  • Amcare
  • Child Welfare (Durban)
  • Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation
  • Edenvale Care Centre
  • Highway Hospice
  • Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand
  • Jordan House
  • Mc Cord Hospital
  • Refilwe
  • Save the Children
  • St Luke’s Hospice
  • The Paarl School
  • Trans-Oranje Instutute
  • Tsenang Homes of Safety



To enable organisations and their people to manage their records and information securely, rapidly, intelligently and cost-effectively.



To be our customers’ trusted information and records management partner



Metrofile is built on four promises:

  • Commitment: We are dedicated to serving our customers.
  • Integrity: We act in the best interests of our stakeholders.
  • Reliability: We deliver on our promise.
  • Resourcefulness: We find ways to work smarter.

Corporate Structure

Al Bidda (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary of Al Bidda Holdings Ltd, which has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange since 1995. The holding company’s largest shareholder is its empowerment partner, the Mineworkers Investment Company (MIC), which owns 34.3% of its equity. Al Bidda (Pty) Ltd and the Al Bidda Training Academy account for 80% of the holding company’s revenue while, in accordance with Al Bidda Holdings’ owner/lessee model, 59% of Al Bidda’s facilities are owned by the group.

Al Bidda Holdings, like all listed companies, is led by a Board of Directors that is directly responsible to the company’s shareholders. The Board, in turn, has a number of sub-committees, including the Audit, Governance and Risk Committee; the Remuneration Committee; the Nominations Committee; and the Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee.

The group employs over 1 300 people at more than 26 facilities in South Africa and selected Africa countries. Its black empowerment partner, MIC, supports over 1 500 000 people.

Its subsidiary, Al Bidda (Pty) Ltd, offers a range of record and information management products and services, which are provided in the following categories:

  • Records Storage and Management;
  • Image Processing;
  • Backup Storage and Management;
  • Records Management Software; and
  • Records Management Consulting.

Al Bidda manages 16 million files in secure and controlled environments, hosts more than 120 million images that are accessible via the internet, and services over 8 000 clients. In the 2013 financial year, the company captured more than 58 million lines of data, serviced more than 1 million document retrievals, and made more than 500 000 scheduled deliveries.

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